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Linimo train photo
Expo 2015 logo proposal
Expo 2010 Media Credentials photo
  Bureau International des Expositions / Blog  
  Themed Entertainment Association  
2017 Looking for further opportunities related to Dubai's Expo 2020 and bids for Expo 2022/2023 and Expo 2025
  Attended Expo 2017 as a member of the press, Astana, Kazakhstan
  Currently developing and
2016 Theming consultant for Dubai's Expo 2020
2015 Created and managed the Expo 2015+100 Archive project for Milan's Expo 2015 working with Expo 2015's Social Media Team
2014 Created, a web site for English-speakers visiting Expo 2015
2013 Began writing Expo World, an official blog of the Bureau International des Expositions
  Profiled in United Arab Emirates press (Elaph, EmaratAlYoum, and Kolna Wahd) following Dubai's successful bid for Expo 2020
  Attended the Bureau International des Expositions' November 2013 General Assembly as an observer. Dubai was selected to host Expo 2020 in these meetings.
  Designed official logo and web site for Minnesota World's Fair, an effort to bring an expo to Minnesota in 2023.
2012 Attended the Bureau International des Expositions' November 2012 General Assembly as an observer. Astana was selected to host Expo 2017 in these meetings.
  Attended the International Participants Meeting for Milan's Expo 2015 (including a construction site visit)
  Acted as consultant for Thinkwell Group on a project for Dubai's bid for Expo 2020
  Writer of Urso's World of Expo in Expo 2012's
official blog
  Continued to maintain the independent site, which received over 10,000 visits each month.
  Completely updating the site, which received nearly a quarter of a million visits in 2011.
2011 Helped create a proposal for the United States Pavilion at Expo 2012 as a part of a State Department request for proposals
  Contributed to the 2012 Themed Entertainment Association Annual and Directory as the writer of World's Fairs: The Next Decade
  Assisted the Bay Area Council's efforts to create California's bid for Silicon Valley to host Expo 2020
Wrote about Expo 2010 and contributed photography for FunWorld Magazine, the official magazine of the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions
  Guest on public radio program Here on Earth talking about world's fairs on the occasion of Expo 2010's opening
Contributed as a regular freelance writer to China Daily's Expo 2010 section
  Quoted in several media stories in conjunction with the opening of Expo 2010 (, BusinessWeek, Japan Times, etc.)
  Featured in China Central Television story about former world's fairs in the United States (see video at right)
  Launched as a record of Expo 2010's pavilions
  Featured in Shanghai 2010 television program broadcast on PBS
2020 World's Fair efforts outlined in front page article in Wall Street Journal.
  Created The World's Fair Podcast, the first podcast exclusively about international expositions.
Profiled in February 2008 issue of Architect Magazine
  Graphic Designer for The Expo Book published by InPark Magazine
Attended Expo 2008 as a member of the press, Zaragoza, Spain
  Published review of Expo 2008 in
Became a frequent reoccurring guest on the Season Pass Podcast for first time.
Attended 1982 World's Fair 25th anniversary celebrations, Knoxville, Tennessee, USA
  Profiled in Chicago Tribune article about world's fairs
Created,, and
Appeared on CityTV on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Expo 86, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (see Communications page)
Attended and helped promote World's Fair History Symposium, San Francisco, California, USA
Attended Expo 2005, as a guest of Bureau International des Expositions (BIE), including seminars involving Expo 2008, Expo 2010, and the Association of Cities and Regions Hosting an International Exposition (AVE)
Chosen as designer of Expo 2005 Linimo (maglev) train exterior as part of an international design competition, Aichi Prefecture, Japan (see Graphic Design page)
Toured Expo 2005 site under construction, Aichi Prefecture, Japan
Created, originally to promote the concept of a world's fair in New York City
Attended Expo 2000, Hannover, Germany
Toured Expo 2000 site under construction, Hannover, Germany
Attended Expo 98, Lisbon, Portugal
Founded, which has become the preeminent online world's fair source, receiving over 20,000 unique visitors monthly
Attended Expo 86, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 20 years later, I would appear on CityTV Breakfast Television to talk about this world's fair. (see Communications page)
Attended the Louisiana World Exposition, New Orleans, USA. 26 years later, I would appear on CCTV News to talk about this expo. (see video and photo at right)
Studied world's fair history as part of an independent study course
Attended the 1982 World's Fair, Knoxville, Tennessee, USA
Expo 2017: Interview with
Urso Chappell

Expo 2017's Social Media Team put together this video based on their interview with me about world's fairs.
Expo 2015+100 Archive

As part of Expo 2015's Social Media team, I created the Expo 2015+100 Archive, a resource for future generations to study Expo 2015's legacy as well as a basis for Expo 2015's centennial celebration in 2115.
2010: China Central Television

In April 2010, I was invited by China Central Television to join them in New Orleans for a news segment about the 1984 World's Fair, the last world expo held in the United States. It was put together on the occasion of Expo 2010, China's first world's fair.
Urso Chappell on Shanghai 2010
2009: Shanghai 2010 Program

My segments for the television program Shanghai 2010 were filmed at San Francisco's Palace of Fine Arts, home of the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition.

Expo 2005's Linimo Train
2004-2005: Expo 2005 Linimo

To see video about the Expo 2005 Linimo design, see the Graphic Design page.

ExpoMuseum logo
1998: ExpoMuseum

ExpoMuseum has grown to become THE world's fair source online. It has spun off several other sister sites.

At the 1984 Louisisiana World Exposition
1984: Louisiana World Exposition

I attended my second world's fair at the age of seventeen. Here I stand before the Space Shuttle Enterprise.
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